Type 1 Diabetes

heading to the endo

i’m heading to a doctor’s appointment today. it used to feel like doomsday every time i had an appointment.* today feels slightly different.

today’s endocrinologist appointment was originally set for mid-November. i actually called the office and pushed it back in attempt to get an extra month of better blood sugars (ha!), which would ultimately serve as 1/3 of my readings for my A1C (a measure of one’s blood sugars over a 3 month period). clever, eh? here’s the thing: i’m not so sure that plan will work out. for whatever reason [holiday season + all the other excuses i could make up], i was not as focused on ensuring i had the best of the best blood sugars over the last month. i remember perking up every time i saw a reading between 80-120 mg/dL, most likely because it was not the norm. i also recall bolusing for HI readings.

what i’m trying to say is that my A1C will not be impressive by any standards this time around. in July, i was at a 8.9, down from a 8.4 in April. for me, it is not okay by any means to see this rise in A1Cs. BUT, i don’t want to and i will not beat myself up for slippage when i’ve made so much progress in 2017 around mindset (choosing Type 1 Diabetes), healthy eating habits (eliminating refined sugars) and diabetic moves (checking my BS often).  i will use the data to reflect on 2017 and then, move forward and refocus in 2018. improving my health is no quick fix. it is a journey. and this endo appointment is just one stop along the way.

how do YOU feel about going to your endo?




* varied by quality of endocrinologist. i’ve honestly only had two endos that have significantly contributed to improved numbers. quality endos – that’s a topic for another blog post!

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