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i can T1Day: meeting other T1Ds

i am my happiest when i meet people with Type 1 Diabetes.

i mean, i’m pretty darn happy to meet others too. but, with my T1Ds, whether they feel similarly or not (ha!), i sense an instantaneous and intense jubilation. i mean… we’re extraordinarily connected by this situation we have going on with our lazy @%$ pancreases. you know? it’s not everyday that you run into someone that ALSO has insulin pump tubing hanging out of their pocket!

well, ladies and gents. today, someone in my vicinity was talking about the Whole 30 program while heating up her breakfast. and then, all of sudden, out of nowhere, it popped up! she stated, “because I have Type 1 Diabetes…”

my ears PERKed up. i hardly heard anything before or after those magical words. i immediately interjected the conversation (so uncouth, i know): “I have Type 1 Diabetes TOO!”

i was GLOWing with joy and curiosity and ironically enough, she didn’t seem to care. i shared some chuckles with my colleague as i commented, “Guess I’m the only one who’s excited about that!”

call me persistent or plain ole annoying, but i couldn’t let it go that i happen to randomly be around one another T1D and could talk T1D shop. so, when she finished yapping about her breakfast (in my head: hurrrrrryyy up, lady!), i swooped in again, but this time with a question: “Do you go to the Joslin Center?” i was in the Boston area today and given i have ties to Joslin, it was the perfect conversation startahhh :::in my best Bostonian accent:::

and BOOM. conversation. connection. fulfillment.
cause who else can i talk to about endocrinologists and T1D support groups?

i believe that everyone serves a purpose in your life – you’ve heard that before, right? People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime? well, this lady popped into my life for a reason. out of that conversation, i learned about the JDRF’s TypeONE Summit. i did a little research minutes later and found out that every region holds this one-day event. more importantly, my region would be holding it SOON. in exactly one month away from today.

i signed up! and can’t wait to attend. i assume my cheeks will hurt by the end of the day, given the overwhelming amounts of glee i’ll be experiencing by being surrounded by other T1Ds 🙂


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