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150 on 1/5

i woke up with a BS of 150 mg/dL this morning. it’s slightly elevated. (for those that don’t know or might need a reminder, the normal range is 80-120 mg/dL). but let’s be real —  anything in the 100s (under 180 or so) symbolizes success for me.

150 mg/dL – that absolutely encourages me. it keeps me motivated every night moving forward to continue doing “the right next thing”: check my blood sugar before I fall asleep and take action. Sounds so easy, right? it’s like brushing your teeth before you go to bed. just one of those things that you do. not the easiest when you’re already laying in bed though. i repeat: i’m just as lazy as my pancreas. and note: there’s so many factors involved in the decision to give myself insulin overnight. i’m petrified of blousing too much insulin & waking up from the trembles of a low blood sugar (or worse, not feeling the low in my slumber). needless to say, i’m conservative with my nighttime insulin dosages. i struggle to “bolus aggressively”, as my endocrinologist so plainly recommended, especially at night! last night, in consideration of my evening run (2 miles), i pumped for (a little under) half the amount of insulin. i’ll just half it next time, instead of shaving off another one tenth or two tenths of a unit.

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