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smoothies and strategy

here’s the thing with buying smoothies vs. making them in your own kitchen! i wonder: “how many freakin’ carbs are in here?” and usually, unless you purchase an item from a franchise or it’s a packaged item with nutrition facts, there’s no concrete answer to this question. that’s where carb counting and guesstimating skills come into play. i tend to not use those skills as often as i should. case in point: despite my endocrinologist’s only advice, “bolus aggressively”, i pumped conservatively for the seasonal pumpkin-inspired smoothie i purchased at Raw Raleigh, one of my favorite juice spots in downtown Raleigh. so of course, a million slurps later and i find myself at a whooping 390. high af.

i know. i know. i should’ve given myself MORE insulin. the thing is — i’m dreadfully terrified of low blood sugars, specifically the kind that suddenly jolt your insides with a case of the trembles and overturns all thoughts and actions into desperation, panic and fear. phew. i have snacks on hand 99.9% of the time to appropriately deal with these lows. i just don’t like them. and try my best to avoid them, especially in cases when i know i’ll be moving around a lot (e.g. lugging my carry-on from long-term parking through security and to my gate). two things about avoiding this low that i can acknowledge after the fact: (1) perhaps i overestimated the physical activity – there wasn’t that much movement and (2) excuses aside — i should’ve given myself more insulin. bolus aggressively, they say. i’d like to think of it as bolus strategically. for instance, actually do some research, ask the staff some questions about ingredients and attempt to make an informed guesstimate.

it’s slowly coming down. i’m sitting at my airport terminal wrapping up some loose ends for work. afterwards i’ll be taking a lap around RDU’s Terminal 2. that’ll help bring my blood sugar* down even more!

even given the midday high BS, i’m feeling present to my readings, to the way elevated levels impact my energy, and to the adjustments i need to make in the moment. i can T1Day.



* from here on forth, i will refer to blood sugar as BS. sometimes it can stand for blood sugar. and other times, i could really be referring to it as some bullshit. cause cursing is always fun, no?

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